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Chivalry is dying because we’re letting it! I hear so many women, (including myself), complain about our “Modern Man” and his #behavior, but in reality it takes 2 to tango! If you accept less, then less is what you’ll get. Men…Pick her up, go to the door to get her, call instead of texting, open the doors & pull out the chairs, show your interest & do so with with #respect & the best #intentions. Women… Show your #appreciation!!! Say “Thank you” as often as you can, and allow him to be the MAN he wants to be with & for you, before you shoot him in the foot for trying. Make special gestures & create the world that you want for both of you! Way too often we see minimal #effort from men, and lower & lower #standards that women hold for themselves. You get what you give!!! If you want an amazing #partner, demand amazing & be amazing to him/her, put them first, pull out all the stops and I’m sure you will never be disappointed.