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How often are you truly authentic with people? Your family, friends, your coworkers & teammates, your partner or even yourself? If you asked them all who you are, would they each have a completely different opinion/experience of you? This can happen if we wear masks to shield ourselves from the day to day difficulties we may face, or as a defense mechanism to not let people get too close to us. We may think it will keep us from getting hurt, or keep our days drama free. However not being our true selves and wearing these different masks in actuality limits us and shapes our opportunities based on who we are "pretending" to be. We can only get the most out of our experiences, our relationships and our lives if we are unafraid and take a chance and put all that we are on the line. There is no way that you will please everyone you meet and not everyone will like you. But the ones who will be around you will love & appreciate you for who you REALLY are, and the life that you begin to shape will be the life you TRULY want. take off your MASK. The sun is bright and trust me, a little warmth on your face goes a long way!