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23 Sep

Life Coach helping others to reach their goals.


Local Life coach uses blessed Key Biscayne upbringing to help others reach their goals.


Realizing her own background and good fortune were the foundation to help others, Morgan Duzoglou has expanded her array of enlightening endeavors by putting them all to use as a certified life coach.

The 29-year-old Key Rat and member of the island’s iconic martial arts family, Duzoglou founded MD Values Coaching to further promote the lessons she’s learned through sports, her family upbringing trial and error and experiences she’s had along the way.

An eager student, the life coach received her certification from the London-based iPEC Life Coaching organization, which touts itself as teaching others to become “fully conscious beings.”

“The goal is to allow people to realize there is more for them,” the dynamic blonde said in her infectious energetic tone. “Why be stuck in mediocrity and complacency when you have the ability to be grand – why be just OK? The world is our oyster…why limit yourself?”

A 5th degree black belt, Sensei Morgan has also worked in the music business for years. But it’s her foundation in the mental and physically demanding world of martial arts that laid the groundwork for her latest exploit.

“I come from a fortunate and blessed family, and if I can share what I’ve learned with others, that would be incredible,” Duzoglou said, noting the core of everything she does stems from martial arts philosophies. “My best certification is through life experiences – 20-plus years as a martial artist and 14-plus years in the music business as a singer/songwriter.”

Her decision to pursue life coaching was easy. “It happened because people were coming to me organically for advice and someone said, ‘Why aren’t you doing this professionally?’ and now I don’t think I’ll ever stop.”

Focusing on what her clients need to handle hurdles in their lives and reach their full potential are the basic goals of the coach who can kick as well as communicate. “I really just coach you through life,” she said. “Whether it’s family, business, school, social life, we take it to the next level…spirituality and health, It’s all part of it.  The core of my coaching is balance, and I truly feel with a balanced life at any age you can really reach your full potential. You’re never going to reach your full potential without balance. It’s as relevant for a 7-year-old as a 70-year-old.”

In short, Sensei Morgan said everybody can use an extra set of eyes and ears to find their way through their journey to becoming a new and improved person. Give thought to personal references 25 euro gratis casino.

Duzoglou coaches people of all ages and all over the world, offering advice and support via Skype and other apps to people overseas. But she admits to having a special fondness for helping young people navigate the evolving complexity of the 21st century. “For me, it begins with community, and being on Key Biscayne, the community where I grew up, is amazing,” she said. To help teens and young adults find that right mindset is amazing.”

She talked about work she’s done specifically for young people in underserved areas of Miami as well through the Life Quest interactive program for kids, teens and young adults. “It’s been an amazing experience seeing these young people turn around. They learn about themselves; more of what they want and to achieve their goals.”

She said teaching kids how to communicate with nuance is critical. “You have kids nowadays that are distraught over the bad behavior or misrepresentation of others, because if you get a text from someone do you get their tone?”

So much is lost in translation, not only among young people, but with everyone, she said. “The battles are within families a lot of time: what is the right way to go to raise children, or from the child’s perspective what is the right way to tell parents something that is bothering them? Life is difficult, but we make it more difficult than it needs to be. We have vivid imaginations and we can use it for good or bad.”

Duzoglou wants people to know she is a proven fighter with a built-in, tried-and-tested positive mindset who will help them develop the skills needed to succeed. “There is someone here who will be their warrior, their champion and their cheerleader to get them going,” she said.

Reminding people that they can’t control others but rather only themselves is a Morgan mantra.

“You have a clear spirit and conscience about it yourself,” she said, explaining why people must find purpose and passion. “Purpose and direction can help us find our highest high. With a lack a sense of purpose, until we find it there is always going to be something missing. It doesn’t matter how big your house is or how fancy your car is, you’ll always have that pit in your stomach.”

After life coaching for more than three years now, Duzoglou has a clear set of goals. “Your goal is to provide people with balance, with identifying their purpose and passion, and that they themselves are able to give themselves direction for their life – and I help keep them on track.”

She uses the analogy of growing in balance to achieve maximum capabilities. “When you grow physically taller, you grow in your body, mind and spirit together.”

But the kind of growth the life coach said people are seeking takes work. “People are looking for answers from an external source, and the majority of the answers are inside. I hear so many people say they want to change their life, but it’s not going to come with clicking their fingers, it’s going to come with work.

The local lady with the passion for helping others said she is excited about getting the fall season underway by making herself available to groups and individuals on the island. “I relate to these people the most,” she said with a hint of pride and genuine affection in her voice. “It all started right here at the Academy of Martial Arts, and I’m just finding new ways to continue the values and teachings I’ve learned and try to give back to people as much as I can.”

Duzoglou can be reached at Morgan@mdvcoaching.com. For more information, visit her online at www.mdvcoaching.com or on Instagram at @morganduzoglou.

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