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I’m Morgan Duzoglou

Founder |CEO, Certified Professional Life Coach


Morgan is a published author and successfully works as a professional life coach, giving courses and seminars in schools and universities and a character development program in martial arts schools. She also works with private and corporate clients. Her unique experience as a nationally ranked athlete, as well as a recording artist, bring a rare and fresh prospective to the exciting process of self-realization. Morgan is a fifth-degree black belt and holds the title of Sensei, along with several national titles. Her twenty-two- year background in extensively studying and teaching martial arts and its diverse philosophies is what drove Morgan to earn her life coaching degree. Artistry has called to Morgan in many forms; she spent fourteen years in the music industry as a singer/songwriter, contributing her talents to top forty artists in the US Latin market, covering the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Morgan is determined to spread her light and hopes that her unique take on life’s journey will touch, transform, and give wondrous possibilities to the lives of others.










Benefits of my “Life Quest” Coaching Program


Life Quest will guide you through a process of discovery. An adventure! You are going to become very aware of yourself in many different capacities, and as a result, your perspectives will most certainly take a shift for the grander.


Finding balance among your body, mind, and soul is primary in moving forward and optimizing your advancement.


You will be accessing external energy as well as looking internally for many of your answers, as you already hold the definite key.


The divine connection, mind-set, attitude, and tools that you will unleash with Life Quest are not momentary or stagnant. They will serve as a detailed map, a compass for you to live by for as long as you please.


Success Stories

The light she brings with her transforms. It alters things. It heals.
The light she brings with her transforms. It alters things. It heals.
“Rarely have I met someone with such a zest for life, such genuine compassion or beautiful outlook on this journey which has brought us all together. The combination of all three make her unique in my eyes. And yet this is a poor description for it’s her very presence that could only do her justice. The light she brings with her transforms. It alters things. It heals. I know how blessed I am for having met Morgan Duzoglou.”
Javier A. | 37Actor/Philanthropist
She would turn my mood around to become a better person.
She would turn my mood around to become a better person.
“Morgan, my idol, one of the greatest people in this world, I consider her my big sister. She has helped me with everything from school problems to relationship problems. I would talk to her and she would turn my mood around to become a better person. I have had many relationship problems and I would go to her for them to be fixed. She would say exactly what I needed and more. I would come because of stress from school and Morgan would help me with that as well. I highly recommend anyone that needs help/guidance in life, or who just needs to talk to someone to come to her. She was a huge help in my life and I can assure you that you will be getting the best type of assistance for development in your life.”
Kenzo T. | 18Martial Artist/Student
Morgan has truly been a blessing to my life & an amazing life coach.
Morgan has truly been a blessing to my life & an amazing life coach.
“I have known Morgan since I was about three years old & she has been a role model in my life since then. As I grew older & situations in my life became more difficult, I realized that often times it’s better to seek advice from someone who is a third party to the situation you’re dealing with. Morgan was always been my third party. Every situation, from the smallest to largest, she always had an answer as to what I should do. And every single time I followed the advice that she gave me, she ended up being correct. In all honesty, I don’t know how she did it, but she did it. Morgan knows my life cover to cover & I could not imagine sharing my experiences & seeking help for situations I’m struggling with from anyone else. Morgan has truly been a blessing to my life & an amazing life coach the whole way through.”
Amanda A. | 19Student
She made me see the great parts of myself I was witholding.
She made me see the great parts of myself I was witholding.
“Talking to Morgan made me realize I was limiting my own potential and she made me see the great parts of myself I was witholding. I truly grew from our sessions and her guidance. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for more meaning in their lives and who feel they could be doing greater things.”
Michelle R. | 31Psychologist
She has shown me a different aspect about life, that I hadn’t seen before.
She has shown me a different aspect about life, that I hadn’t seen before.
“I met Morgan as I was going through a very tough time in my life. I am a workaholic that can’t say no. Hence I take on more and more responsibilities. Work has made it very hard for me to solidify friendships and relationships. I met Morgan through friends, and soon after consulted with her. She has shown me a different aspect about life, that I hadn’t seen before. After the first session, though I hadn’t made any drastic changes, I left feeling that I was turning a page in my life. It’s been a few months that I consult with her now, and I have been able to take back control of my life. I have slowly been able to acquire a certain balance that was missing. I learned that relationships are a cornerstone of happiness, and I have been able to cultivate more and more of them thanks to Morgan.”
Dean N. | 33Entrepreneur

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